( upbeat music, ), ( gun, bangs, ), ( chips, clank ), Yatzy. I admire your luck.. I admire your briefcase., The code, The pigeon, never double takes. [ Instructor ] Greetings. 006.9. I haven't seen you, since you came back from saving those orphans and total babes in Cambodia.

There isn't much time.. Your mission today is to identify which PC system integrator is the best for discerning gamers.. We have contracted agent. Sarah Jane Cash Nickel, to be your secret shopper., Oh and 006.

9, do remember to tell the audience about our sponsor.. If you didn't catch it the first time around in 2018, the idea behind secret shopper is simple.. We go deep, undercover and order. Gaming systems from the top PC system integrators on the market and see just how good the advice they give is how we get treated by their support.

What the unboxing experience is like how their tech support handles a phony nonsense, technical problem and finally, who delivers the best gaming performance for the budget? Now, because, obviously, someone like me or Jake would be immediately recognized even by a voice.

We had to enlist the help of agent Cash, Nickel, otherwise known as Sarah from the Merch Department to place our calls and act like a damsel in distress to their tech support heroes.. Now we've, kept all the SIs from last year, but to shake things up a little bit.

We've, actually added NZXT and Corsair.. So let's. Look on to find out in part one who is the best at advising us on what kind of system we should buy and, of course, taking our money. Speaking of taking your money.

This video did. I mention that it's, brought to you by dbrand. Well, it's, brought to you by dbrand, but also brought to you by me.. We teamed up with dbrand on a limited edition product line and you can learn more at not lttstore.

com those bastards. ( upbeat music, ), (, beeping, ), [ Operator ]. Thank you for calling Dell.. Oh God, we started with Dell. First one is Dell. [ Operator ]. How will the product you are interested in be used, Say personal use or business use.

? I hate these like AI freaking- Yeah., It's like look. If it's, not as good as Siri. It's much worse than Siri, which is already bad.. Siri is bad. [ Operator ]. Welcome to Dell Canada.. You have reached the operator.

. I understand that you wanted to make a purchase.. How many times have you been on like a phone call and it's like & quot, Enter your credit card, number. & quot, Or your order. Number. Blah blah blah & quot Enter your order, number & quot, and then you get on the phone with the person they're, like & quot Hi.

What's, your name and order? Number & quot, Every time., [ Operator ] And just a quick recap for this. You're, calling for a home purchase in Canada and you wanted a desktop PC for gaming correct. Why did she need to confirm that It's? Two questions.

[ Operator ] Kindly stay on the line I'll connect the call now ma'am.. Thank you for calling Dell and have a nice day. That's. Fine, I'd, rather have an operator that sends you to definitely the right place than be stuck in robot call directing land further.

, Yeah, exactly., Okay, so five-minute hold. Five-minute hold's, not bad. Yeah. It's, not great.. [ Operator ], Do you like to finance this computer? The product qualifies for 12 month, no interest., Of course, Dell's.

Gon na try to sell their financing as usual. Before they even talk about the computer.. Are they even a computer sales company or are they a financing company? We don't have any price. Yet we don't even have a computer.

. She doesn't know what we want already asking for financing.. What are the odds they try to sell us a warranty before we even pick the computer? I don't know. [ Operator ], All right, so can you confirm the price on the desktop gaming Alienware? Is that a model R11 or R10 Wait? What Did she just ask? What system we're buying Yeah? She just asks what system we're buying.

. Can you confirm the price on it? Yeah you confirm the price on it. [ Operator ]. So do you like to use it only for gaming, or you also use it for your regular computing Okay., That's, a good question.

Yeah, but what gaming computer can't like use? Word. Doesn't matter.. That's, a fair question, because if it's only for gaming, it might not need you know Ryzen for example., Just wait.. It will be mainly used for gaming, but it would be nice if it could do all of the above.

. I also would like to change my budget to two grand instead of 1500, if that's, possible. [ Operator, ] Okay., How about the antivirus Like we have antivirus it's, a protections software for your PC.? Is it for real [ Operator ]? Do you like me to add this on the quote and send it to you? This is a gaming systems.

It's. Gaming systems., We still don't know what CPU and graphics cards are in it and you've already tried to sell us financing and an antivirus. Yeah yeah yeah. [ Operator ]. How about the warranty Like if something goes wrong either with the hardware or software Ooh Come on? I called it.

Dell told me: they told me last time that they had used secret shopper as a training tool and they were revising their practices.. They have revised nothing. That's, all right. [ Operator ]. So how would you take care of the hardware and software issues if something goes wrong? If you consider buying right now, you're, getting it at deal price, and I can offer you a good discount.

Yeah that's, okay. Okay, so we declined it twice so far for the warranty., I'm still. Keeping these fingers up. [ Operator ], So in terms of the configuration, what is your requirement? Do you want the i7 processor or an i5 processor? This is just some random person calling on the phone.

. They probably don't know what that means.. What's an i7? What's? An i5? I'll, go with an i7 if that fits in my budget., Like I told you how much money I have to spend. You tell me what I'm getting. [ Operator ], Like you're buying such an expensive gaming computer.

If something goes wrong, you don't need to send the computer back to Dell.. We are gonna send Dell certified technician to your home along with the parts and they will do the replacement. So that's. The reason we are suggesting you to take the warranty.

, Oh no. (, laughing ). No, that's. All right. I'm, just looking for the computer. [ Operator, ]. Okay, all right.! Thank you! Though.! That's. Three times. [ Operator ]. So we have a unit i7 processor.

8GB memory.. Do you want 8GB or more? I'm, not sure whatever you would suggest would be great. When you call up - and you say & quot Here's, how much money I have to spend. & quot! You're dream customer.

, Because that allows the sales representative to tailor build something exactly right. You don't have to guess at what compromises they will or won't, be wanting to make. [ Operator ]. So, instead of paying the total amount at once, you can finance it for the first one year there is no interest.

Yeah financing, twice. Nope. I think I'm, just gonna pay in full. [ Operator, ], Okay, all right., And do you also need a gaming monitor along with this desktops Nope? I already have one available to me.

That's fine.. I got no problem with that. Dell makes some sweet displays. [ Operator ], So I'm, not charging anything for the warranty okay, So we are offering you one year for free.. So by declining it three times we get one year for free.

. That's, the default. [ Operator ], And also you're, getting a dedicated graphic card and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti., Okay cool that sounds great., Two grand whew. Why's? The graphics card up? Sell Where's, the advice to go i5 and better graphics card, None all they wanted was warranty and financing.

[ Operator ] And for extra hundred dollars. You can also upgrade the chassis option like a 500 watts. That's, not a chassis, option., [ Operator ]. You're right now, getting only 360 watts. 360 watts power supply.

Would it end up going over my budget Fair, that's, the real question.? Thank you Sarah.. I gave you my budget. You tell me what I'm buying. [ Operator ]. I can get you for $ 50. Okay. She said I can give it to you for $ 50.

. I don't know what my total right, now. [ Operator ], But for extra $ 50 you can get a better wireless card Killer.. It will be three times more faster. So, do you want me to add it Three times faster.

As long as it fits in my budget.? Thank you. Sarah. [ Operator, ], 512GB SSD plus 1 tera $ 150.. Stop telling us how much the upgrade costs. We don't know how much for spending we have no context for it.

Up until this point. The Dell representative has tried to upsell us., CPU side panels, power supply and storage., While shipping a 1660 Ti in a 2000 Canadian dollar gaming system. [ Operator ], You said you are not financing ( laughing ), So secure your email and apply.

No problem. Three times. Financing., Oh here's, our quote: okay.! Wait! What do we got here? Dell G, that's, not even Alienware.. What Why are they selling us a regular Dell system? Did we call the Alienware number Like on the Alienware website? Yeah, like I went on alienware.

com and the number it gives you is like the Dell number. Okay, what's in here? Okay? So we got- 512 Gig and a two. Yeah 1 terabyte hard drive., No Single channel ram! Oh brutal., 2933 mega! That's, okay.

Single channel though. Yeah., Oh, but we got Killer wireless. And they give us a McAfee trial for 30 days., And this is worth a $ 600 discount. What does premium support four years Yeah? What does that doing over there? So did we get upsold on the warranty anyways? What the hell is that doing on there With on-site service after remote diagnosis three year, extended.

, Let's, see maybe they put it on there and gave us it for free'cause. If we go to the top here, it says 1968.99. And on the bottom 1967.99., So I guess the original price back.. Well. She said 600 bucks off though.

Yeah, but that's, not even represented in any way on the itemized invoice. Yeah. It's, not a very clear invoice.. No, I think, honestly, you know what I think. I think that $ 600 off is nonsense.. Mcafee Live sends consumer 12 months subscription.

They put the antivirus on. ( laughing ). This should be illegal.. It & # 39; s, probably is illegal.. Unless it's free. I don't know. Unless it's free, but we don't know because there's, no transparency, whatsoever.

Yeah. They just give you a total and tax, pretty much.. I would call this predatory, but I don't think this phone rep knows enough to prey on anyone.. I was just hoping I could pay for my PC, now. [ Operator, ], Visa or Master, or on financing.

I'll, be paying with Visa please.. Fourth time. [ Operator ]. Why didn't you do it on monthly payment. You'd, get one year, no interest., Fifth time.. No, that's, all right. [ Operator ]. You can choose your amount instead of paying-, I'll, just be paying in full.

[ Operator. ]. Is this the same address? So do I have your permission to charge $ 2,199.39? Yes, you do.. Your help has been awesome. Thank you.! Oh Sarah. You're, so kind. (, laughing ) Poor. Sarah doesn't know how hard she just got.

Screwed over. Between the extended warranty, the antivirus and the financing.. What was it about 10 times and tried to upsell us stuff? We said we didn't want.. I'm willing to bet that if we had talked to an Alienware trained salesperson, we wouldn & # 39.

T have had this experience. If they even exist.. If they even exist anymore., You know what Just throw up an image or something from dbrand.. I don't even care. What it looks like Dell, doesn't deserve the product placement.

. Hopefully, HP is better., (, beeping, ), [ Operator ] Thanks for calling HP, Canada and welcome to our back to school sale.. My name is (. Beep ), How can I help you today That's? A nice greeting. Hi there.

I'm interested in purchasing a desktop gaming PC. I don't, have anything in particular in mind. That's. Why? I was hoping you could help me out., But I would like to mention that my budget is $ 2,000 Canadian.

( mumbling ). No, you're, doing great Sarah. Two minutes. Two minutes., That's; reasonable. (, lively, music ). It's like music was moist.. This would be moist, music., (, laughing ) [ Operator, ], All right, hello, Hi, there.

[ Operator ]. Yes, thank you for patiently waiting., So I was able to pull up something here.. It's. An Omen gaming, lap ..., I mean desktop PC. Oh., That's, close. [ Operator ]. It has the i7 processor already.

And also the graphics card. For this one is the 2060 already., So it is capable of any other. Like Fortnight League of Legends like Apex and PUBG also. And high resolution., That's, exactly what I'm, looking for.

[ Operator ]. Originally it's $ 1,849, but it's on sale. Right now. For $ 1,699. Saved us quite a few bucks., We told them. We had two grand to spend and he's like here's. A $ 1,600 config. Is that a chicken It sounded like a rooster.

? Does he play like Farm Simulator on his other monitor Hello, ( laughing )? He's, gone. ( laughing ). He'll call back. Okay., But to my personal phone., [ Operator ], They told me that the computer is currently out of stock.

. Oh, that's, not good. Oh.. Do you have any other recommendations that are within my budget.? Well, it's, good that he did. That's, true. [ Operator ]. I have here, but it's for $ 2049.. I will just going to provide you another $ 50 on this one.

, So it will Justin at $ 1,999.99 Yeah. That would be perfect. That's right within my budget.. Oh so he made it work. All right. She laughing at the rooster.. The rooster is hilarious. ( rooster crowing, ) ( laughing ).

It's, so close to the phone.. It's, so loud. Like is there a rooster in his house, Give this guy a raise. Yeah. I like this guy. And give the rooster a raise. ( rooster crowing ). I wan na meet this rooster.

. This rooster works hard.. It's like wake up. ( rooster crowing; ) It's. So loud. Do you have roosters around you? She asked him., She finally does it. [ Operator ]. Oh yes, because I'm working at home.

. Oh, that's. Awesome.! I love roosters.. It's sounds adorable. ( laughing ) Adorable. That sounds terrifying. 2070 Super. 2070. Super for 2000 Canadians., It's about 1500 us dollars. That's, pretty good.

Very reasonable.. Remember we made this video before our TX 3000 series was announced. So far, HP absolutely destroyed. Dell. 1660 Ti versus a 2070 Super. Way, better spec way more knowledgeable, representative overall, better experience asked us questions and then responding to them.

Instead of just reading off of a script.. When that item, wasn't in stock, give us a better one and give us a discount to make it fit in their budget., Make sure it could fit in our budget.. The one thing they did wrong, ironically, was not offering us the antivirus and extended warranty and financing.

. Giving the customer choice is not a bad thing.. It's when you cram it down the customer's throat that's. When you're, a jerk. Yeah like five times. Next step is ibuyPower.. This is going to be an interesting one.

. 32 minutes. Woo [ Operator, ] iBuyPower. This is ( beep ). How may I help you Hi there? I'm. Looking to purchase a desktop PC for gaming., Hoping you could help me out with that., I do wan na mention, though, that my budget is $ 1,500.

Guess we've changed from Canadian pricing to USD now. [ Operator ]. Let me see what's available. And then what kind of titles do you play? What are you expecting to get out of it? I pretty much just games.

, So I'd, be playing Call of Duty, Modern Warfare, Minecraft GTA., And I also like to stream sometimes.. So I'm, hoping for something that could do that as well.. Hmm she's, got ta, make sure she's, giving the same requirements to everyone.

. So we got ta make sure we keep that in mind. [ Operator ] All right. We do have a system that's, actually pretty solid.. It has a better video card than some of the other models in this price. Range.

. Okay, he goes straight for the video card. [ Operator ]. It is a Ryzen system. Yeah. So this would be the one then that's kind of give you the most performance you can get with this budget.. That's, bold claim.

, I mean he went right to it. [ Operator ], RTX 2070 Super. Woo [ Operator, ], 16 gigs at 3,200 RGB memory. If you care about that. 3,200 ram too wow. [ Operator ], And it's. A 512 M.2 So that's. Really.

The only shortcoming on the build is that the storage may not be quite as much as you want, but that is an easy upgrade to get installed. Later., That's. Fair. Yeah! That's fair.. If you can scrape together $ 1,500 for a gaming rig.

Presumably you can spend $ 50 on a hard drive three months from now.. The one that you were just telling me about sounds perfect.. It sounds exactly like what I'm, looking for., That was quick.. I mean after 30 minutes on hold.

[ Operator ]. If that looks good, we do have a coupon code that actually help you out a little bit.. Hopefully, that will keep it under budget with the taxes.. I'll, take $ 50 off that total. And he's, knocking another 50 bucks off what a guy.

! So here's, where iBuyPower got interesting.. Their website would not accept our postal code.. So we're, calling them back., Oh. [ Operator ]. Let me check with our team.. Sometimes there's, an issue or maybe the system doesn't, detect that as a valid one.

, Okay. [ Operator ], One moment. Okay. No worries thank you.. They're gonna help us.. Are they Sarah? How naive We didn't have to wait as long as time. Thank goodness., ( laughing ) [ Operator ]. If, for some reason there is an issue and it's not resolved tonight, it should be tomorrow.

At this point. If I'm a customer, I'm done.. I already waited an hour on the phone. ( beeping ), The zip code finally worked, and now we can order the PC finally.. Oh, oh, as soon as I went to submit it, it went away ( laughing ).

Now I have to call them'cause. This isn't working. Hi there. I am purchasing a PC through your online forum.. I am purchasing a PC through your online forum.. You can tell she was just nervous like if you know her.

It's great though, because that's, the persona we want [ Operator ]. Actually, unfortunately, I'm running into the same problem.. Their internal system won't even-. I bet you. Their internal system is just their website.

, So what we ended up doing is, I just tried a different credit card and then like a different address. And it ended up working. I can't believe we even gave them our money. ( beeping ). Let's, see if CyberPower managed to actually recommend a config.

This time. Hi. I was looking to purchase a desktop gaming, PC. [ Operator, ]. Okay sure, like let me transfer you to a sales rep hold please., Pardon (, indistinct ), hold please., Pardon Transfers, anyways.

[ Operator, ], Hello. Yes, how can I help you Hi? I'm looking to purchase a desktop gaming PC, but I'm, not really sure what would be best in my budget.. So I was hoping you could help me out. [ Operator.

]. Are you on the website right now? I can walk you through it.. I am on the website. Now., Okay, they provide advice, now. [ Operator ] On the very right there's, an EZPC Builder. Yes. [ Operator. ] Start with that, and after that read a little bit like you have more questions, call us back and we'll.

Most likely this will be like 90 % of the questions and the other 10 % that we can help.. This is just a roundabout way of saying we don't offer advice.. Should I just pick one There's like a lot of options.

Wait. Did this just take everything under $ 1,500 and vomit it onto a page Looks like it.. I Mickey said they have ultra best better and good.. Okay in fairness, that ultra config is looking pretty sharp.

, But it's too expensive.. So it seems like it's, just sorted.. It's sorted by FPS in this game. Yeah., That's, not bad.. Well, let's, see it's at 150.. That's, not stupid., But it didn't even ask us for the game.

You're, just giving it a pass.. It was BS. It just happened to be the right game.. It was not that clear. No and it didn't ask at all., I called a few minutes ago in regards to purchasing a desktop gaming PC.

. It gave me a few options, but I was hoping you could help me pick, which one, you believe would be the best.. Do you want people to buy something try to narrow down their options.? They're, just gonna get overwhelmed.

If you show them 30 things in your price., That's, a free tech, tip., Yeah., [ Operator, ], All orders made on our website can be customized.. You can click into any of those packages pick and choose whatever parts you want.

And we will build the system according to the policy selected. For gaming system, you just need to make sure you choose decent speed, CPU and video card to run games on.. What does that mean [ Operator ]? As far as streaming goes, you will need to get a video capture card.

. What No you wouldn't. OBS, man. Shadow play., Yeah, all that. [ Operator, ] Yeah! You can go in there go into the configuration page and choose whatever parts you want to downgrade to make it fit your budget.

Okay. What part would you suggest I downgrade? Okay, Sarah is really leading them to water. [ Operator ]. I really don't know what you need or what you do not need. Ooh ( laughing ). There we go. We're back to less.

. Oh you suck dude. Back to 2018. [ Operator ] That's, really up to you. If you wan na go with the 990.55 that's, a very decent system for gaming. Sure. Sure I can cry right now. This is so brutal.. I guess that's, the one that I'll go with then.

. I guess you just lost the game.. I think this is actually worse than just straight up saying we don't recommend parts.. He basically said it's up to me to do whatever I want, even though I told him I don't know anything about PCs.

. She gave him so many opportunities. Yeah, like she led them on so hard.. She led him to water and he was like will not drink.. This is clearly watered down Diet. Hep-C will not drink it.. I will drink it.

. I'll drink to that. [ David ], No ( laughing ). It's, so bad. (, beeping ) Origin okay.. I have high hopes for this experience and no hopes for this bag. Yeah., I haven't, had a chance to look at your website at all.

. So if you could help me put something together or find something on your website that works, that would be awesome. [ Operator ], I'd, definitely be more than happy to.. Are you on our website by chance right now? He's.

So enthusiastic. This is great.. I am yes. [ Operator, ], Okay, awesome., And are you looking for a desktop or a laptop by chance, A desktop. [ Operator ]? Would it be main planned usage of the system? If you don't mind me asking.

Yeah, no worries., I'm gonna be using it mainly for gaming, and I also stream. [ Operator ], Oh perfect.. I think we can definitely set you up for that.. He is so nice to talk to. It's like so happen.

. I would call Origin just because I'm. Kinda lonely and I wan na hear a friendly, voice. $ 1,500 before tax. [ Operator ] Before tax okay.. So in this case, the one that would recommend'cause it's, gonna start pretty much almost at 1500, with the base part is gonna, be our Neuron desktop.

. It's. Gon na be the second option there under the Chronos.. Do you see that one Now here's? Our problem. Origin is more of a boutique like you're, paying for looks you're, paying for really nice build quality.

. Someone who wants to talk to you. And somebody who's gonna give you a free t-shirt in the box like yeah. Whoa. You see that You just got bamboozled.. You see that Whoa okay., So that picture ... Ooh! Look at this sexy case.

Yeah! You're, getting a Coursera 175 R.. Unless you wan na upgrade. [ Operator, ] Yeah. Let's, go ahead and scroll down to CPU, which is gonna, be your processor.. I don't like that CPU for this price though.

Or we're gonna get you again for the thermal compound.. You're, buying an entire tube of anti-age too. [ Operator ]. If we go with AMD, it will push it up to $ 1522. So I think we are gonna have to stick with Intel.

On what planet is an AMD, processor or worse value right now, Yeah., Where's, my 3,600, It's like their pre-roll figured systems that's rough. That's, really rough. [ Operator, ], Quick question: do you need to have wifi on the system? Not necessarily.

[ Operator ], Not necessarily okay, great.'Cause that's. Actually, the only difference with the motherboards we offer. Some have wifi integrated, some do not. It's, not the only difference.. I'd, say from a regular consumer standpoint.

It's, probably the biggest one that matters. [ Operator ]. Now, just looking at the other options we have here, the one that I would recommend upgrading to would be the 2060 Super.. The only thing is that, unfortunately, that one does cost an additional $ 206.

, So that would push it above. The $ 1,500 budget. So leave it with the 1660 Super. For now, which is the default. And know that in the future, the graphic card is usually what gets upgraded the most throughout the years.

Yeah. I mean-, So that's, your sales pitches., Hey it sucks right now, but don't worry.. You can just spend more later. Why don't. They just sell computers that are a reasonable price. [ Operator ] Leave it with a 250 Seagate BarraCuda that I already have it a sold state drive, so it's still gonna be extremely fast.

Whoa.. We are only getting a two and a half inch basic 250 gig SSD. Yeah.. What are those worth these days? 40 bucks, Cool. [ Operator, ] Yeah, so that's, actually pretty much it for the system. Anything else below that you see it's really just optional, like accessories.

Or if you wan na, even possibly upgrade the warranty, but in this case would probably-. So do people actually buy these computers Like it's chips in a crate., So why are they spending like $ 50 on a crate? Well, there's.

Your problem. Yeah. It's like buying a BMW like 323 i. Just buy an expensive Jetta. Like. Why are you buying a BMW? You clearly can't afford it. Spoken like a BMW owners who drives around with BMW driving gloves.

. I almost lost them today.. He like guided me through the whole website. We put together my PC and now we can buy it. And it's still under budget.. That was great. ( laughing ). The only problem was, I could hear myself every time.

I talked. This is probably what real people are like when they buy stuff from Origin.. They're like & quot Wow. This is so great under budget., Except my computer is gonna be half the speed of all the other ones.

& quot. I don't know what to expect from Corsair, because on the one hand they're Corsair. They're, like pretty good when it comes to customer support.. On the other hand, they clearly thought they had a lot to learn and went and bought Origin.

Yeah so-. Let's. See. [ Operator ]. The model of your system, please I actually don't have a system.. I was hoping that you could help me pick one out. [ Operator, ]. Okay, I'm. The technical support, not the webstore, but I can take your information and transfer you to them.

. He's, probably just breathing. Normally he's. Just got the mic close to his face.. This is painful. (, breathing heavily ) 32 minutes., So we waited on hold for 30 minutes with Corsair.. I just wanted to call back and see if you had any other suggestions.

[ Operator. ], The only phone lines that I know of that are supposed to be down right now is the Corsair tech support, which is for the peripherals. Yeah like for their components. [ Operator, ] Corsair one and the webstore should be open.

. I'm gonna try transferring your now: okay (, lively, music, ) Back to hold. ( upbeat music ), So we've, been on hold with Corsair again for 12 minutes and 50 seconds.. So I think we're. Just gonna give up on this one and try another one.

Fricking wracked.. If there was some indication like & quot, Hey you're 10th and Q. & quot. Imagine that and especially at the prices they charge for the Corsair one and their vengeance. Machines., Like the vengeance ones, are kind of closer to what it would cost to DIY it.

They're closer than a Corsair 1.. The point is Corsair 1 in particular, that's, a premium product.. I expect someone to answer the phone. Yup, so the reason that they closed their support lines, because there were so many customer service inquiries during COVID that they were just doing emails'cause.

They were trying to catch up.. One thing I noticed after the fact is that they don't actually have any computers that fit in the price point by default.. I guess saved us some work, sort of that. It took an hour to figure that out.

Yeah unfortunately.. I have very high hopes for Maingear because they specifically told me last time that they were had a strategy to address these sort of fixed budget lower tier systems that don't have a thousand dollars worth of Chrome fittings in them.

. You know exactly. I'm watching you Wallace. Five minutes that's, not entirely unreasonable. [ Operator ]. Thank you for calling Maingear. This is ( beep ). How can I help you today? Good greeting. Hi there I'm interested in purchasing a desktop gaming PC.

. My budget is around $ 1,500.. I'm, hoping you could help me out with finding something that fits my budget. [ Operator, ] Well, definitely.. So, first off what sort of games were you looking to play Good question.

? Thank you! Maingear.. It's kind of the most important thing. Yep.. What are you using the computer for? Are you playing League of Legends Pick up a computer off the side of the road and take it home.

? You know don't buy at Maingear. Were. Are you thinking of also doing any kind of streaming or anything like that as well Or video? Editing, recording gameplay, or mostly just gaming, Good question. Thank you.

. I do stream sometimes., So it would be great to have a PC that fits within that. [ Operator ]. The option that we have for you is probably gonna, be one of our Vybe systems.. They're, not extremely-.

Oh $ 749, that's. Cheap., Hey see! This is what they're talking about.. Remember they call it e-sports that's, so worth it. Perfect there you go. [ Operator, ] Extremely like fancy chassis. It's, a fairly simple, straightforward black chassis with a tempered glass side panel, but it's, pretty modern case too.

Ryzen Ryzen across the board. Who wasn't who told us & quot. Oh, I'm. Sorry, you can't afford AMD. & quot Origin. [ Operator ]. There are kind of pre-configured options for the Vybe at different price points, and you'd, actually fall right in the stage three out of four.

, Not a big fan of that RTX 2060.. It's better than the 1660 Ti.. That storage configuration is better though.. It already includes our hard drive and not to mention that it is a cool, a hundred dollars, cheaper than Origins could get.

And they're using the AMD included cooler. Because duh it's fine.. It's. A 3,600 X. [ Operator ]. It'll, easily knock out 120 plus Frames. A second on anything on max setting really.. You got ta, be careful with claims like that.

Mister, otherwise, knowledgeable Maingear guy. Sounds good. Thank you. So much for your help.. I really appreciate it. What a stark contrast from Dell. Maingear has definitely improved. Yeah.. They met my expectations.

. They were not the best value, but I wasn't expecting that., But we don't know that yet maybe the other ones we get are crappy., But they have 2070 Supers in them., (, chattering, ), But what they have managed to Do is have a reasonable budget offering, while still offering a Maingear sales experience.

It wasn't absurd compared to what Origin offered and they even have stuff that goes down to 750 bucks. I guess. That's, a good budget for somebody that needs something cheap. ( beeping ). Is it not even ringing Today is the sixth.

Checks, her watch. Closed. ( laughing ), So I just attempted to call NZXT and it seems as though their support lines are currently unavailable due to COVID.. So what we are gonna have to-. How do you keep your business going without sales lines? I don't know.

, But I mean apparently, Corsair was the similar thing. As far as we can tell., Neither of the two people we tried to add made it through.. Of course, they're, an ( indistinct, ) both., That's hilarious.

. So we ended up with exactly what we had last time. Sorry guys we tried. ( laughing ). We tried to make this video without involving dbrand and their expensive stickers, but they just wanted to sponsor it so hard that we caved.

. So we created two custom skins., One that we're, calling beautiful face. And another one that we're, calling sticker bomb. It's. The same great dbrand quality that you've, come to expect, but prettier.

. So you can get the wait. What is this The Linus tier and the Anthony tier.? No, no! No, we all know the face. One is super cool. Anthony would like it too.. So if you think you can make the right choice for yourself head over to new and improved lttstore.

com seriously guys WTF., And they will give you some helpful guidance on choosing the right skin for your device. So make sure you're subscribed. So you don't, miss anything., ( exhaling, heavily ). We're gonna, be benchmarking.

These systems unboxing them.. We're gonna, be wrecking them and getting their tech support to fix it for us over the phone.. It's, gonna be great. Or at least try., Or at least try.. We're gonna try..

Good luck, Dell. Yeah me nether., (, mumbling ), See you later. ( laughing )