You know people are always saying things whether they mean it or not. It's. Things like, oh, you know, you're, pretty good at that for a girl, little girls, don't think that they're supposed to be in stem field for a lot of them.

An engineer is a man to me. It wasn't until I came here that I realized that STEM fields are more than just a career like. I always thought you could just start them after college or during college, and I had to wait to sort of get my hands dirty and then I saw kids driving robots ever on science.

My school - and I was just like I want to do that. That is so cool. We get six weeks to build a robot from scratch. Once we find out what the game is and then, after those six weeks the robot gets put in a bag and we can't touch it until competition this year.

They kind of gave us this medieval theme. It's like battle of law, robots, each team has defenses and a tower, and you're supposed to cross your opponent's defenses and breach their tower to win, but it doesn't stick around for Six weeks, then, we could stay until I was a success.

We don't leave the realty good. So you know every all those days of working. We getting testing money here and see everyone support us just need so much here what that means. Oh, my god, no, no! No! No! We need a new battery, it's.

Feeling of love is facing that way. It was that before decorating, like hope, it stays who any yelling is that I know I don't already really well like okay, and we'll go from there. It should be alright.

We started off the match in what's called autonomous mode where the robot drives itself, and we had like a mini celebration because autonomous worked for the first time in I don't know how many years we got onto the field And I couldn't see there was a door in front of me, and so I was kind of turned off so either it physically got hit and turned himself up or there was a shortage in the system.

So we're. Looking into book electronics and trying to prop it up a little more so that doesn't happen again, the match went really well. We ended up winning because we had a really good alliance when women enter these fields.

If they go into engineering. A lot of times, I think they find that the the environment isn't as friendly to them as they'd like it to be. We do a lot of outreach, one of the biggest ones we do is a partnership with this local Community Center.

It's called bronze house. It's like a 10-week after-school program, where we teach girls about the basics of Lego robotics, which is sort of a stepping stone to what we do and so that's, sort of a face value.

What we're doing, but a lot of times the girls we work with are coming from neighborhoods with a lot of gang violence, early teenage pregnancy and drug use, and so we really want to show them sort of an alternate path.

Sort of like this is what the older kids are doing. This is what's cool. This is what you can do just to show them. What's out there as much as learned? Something at that? Knowing that you know at the end of the day, the biggest exciting part of it was those six weeks we spent in the shop building those friendships and building that robot and I'll.

Definitely never forget it.