Welcome to the official Linus Tech Tips, obligatory, iPhone event, video. TL, DR! You can now get a 5G iPhone 12 for the same price that you got an 11 last year, but it will be a smaller one.. The iPhone 12 Pro can shoot cinematic footage of galloping horses better than ever.

, And the HomePod Mini makes yelling at your kids from anywhere much easier.. Even if charging your new iPhone isn't. Confused Don't worry., We're gonna clear everything right up. Right after this message from our sponsor.

Today's. Video is brought to you by Honey.. Honey is the free to use browser extension that helps you find the best promo codes on over 30,000 sites. Get it today. @ jointhoney.com/LTT, (, upbeat music ), Today Apple diverged even farther from their singular vision for the iPhone by announcing not three but four new iPhones.

. The iPhone 12 12 Mini 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. Now the iPhone 11 and iPhone 10 are are still for sale with the 2020 iPhone SE replacing the iPhone 8 at the bottom of the product lineup.. And while this isn't, actually the most populous iPhone lineup ever Apple was selling eight iPhone models back in 2017, it does have the widest price range of any iPhone lineup.

All the way from $ 400 to $ 1,100 starting price. Apple may not have a monopoly on mobile devices, but you can see they're trying. With that said, Apple has actually bumped up the price of the mainstream option: the iPhone 12.

At 799. It's $ 50, more than the iPhone 10R's original price and $ 100 more than last year's, iPhone 11., But there's, also a new option at the 699 price point., The iPhone 12 Mini which is in terms of specs identical to the iPhone 12, but with a tiny, 5.

4 inch display.. Now I would make a bit of a fuss about Apple's, confusing naming scheme here, But would be totally on brand for me. [ Riley, ] Yeah, it would. [ Linus ], But in this case calling it Mini, actually kind of makes sense.

. Since the 6.1 inch iPhone, 12 doesn't really qualify as a Max phone.. So you know what why don't? We all just be grateful that we didn't get an iPhone 11 R Plus Mini Max.. Now, as I see it, the reason for the iPhone 12's.

Price bump can be attributed to two main things. One, the iPhone 11's. Lcd has been replaced with a higher resolution, OLED display with twice the number of pixels. And two the addition of 5G, which can also be found throughout the entire lineup of new products.

. Like sure it's, also thinner and lighter.. It's, got this super strong ceramic shield on the glass. And it & # 39. S got a slightly redesigned wide angle, camera with an f/1.6 aperture, but those are all upgrades that I would more or less expect in the new iPhone.

Apple brought back MagSafe as a way for these new iPhones to magnetically, lock onto a wireless charger or other accessory, Which is cool. Was anyone asking for this, though Last time I checked what everyone wanted was MagSafe to come back to MacBooks.

, But apparently Apple is really good at compartmentalizing it's, love for USB-C. On MacBooks it's. The port of the future. On iPhones - oh hey, oh buddy, you got ta slow down.! You don't wan na rock the ecosystem boat too much.

I can only imagine that the real reason Apple priced - the iPhone 12s like they did, was because of the release of some recent Android flagships. I mean you can't, possibly sell a 6.1 inch iPhone 12 for the same price as the 699 Google Pixel 5 or a Samsung galaxy S20 Fan Edition.

, Because those are phones for the common folk. And the actually. In the case of the Pixel Five, they are considerably slower, too., The iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max. Those are not for the commoners., Because, while Apple's, iPhone Pro marketing was a bit of a hard sell.

Last year I don't, think filmmakers dropped their Canons and Sonys on mass to shoot films on a phone. This year. The Pro moniker might make a bit more sense with a number of features on the Pros that greatly enhance content creation.

, Although to be clear, I still think people are gonna be shooting on their Sonys.. The 12 Pros can both record 10 bit HDR video and are the first phones to support Dolby Vision, HDR video recording at 4K, 60 FPS.

, Meaning that highlights shadows and color should look better than ever. Almost as good as you'll. Look if you shop on LTTStore.com., Then on the photo side. Apple ProRAW is the company's, new proprietary unprocessed image format that will let iPhone 12 Pro owners, edit color detail and dynamic range natively in the photos.

App. Both of the Pro models now also have a LiDAR scanner. Just like this year's, iPad Pro, which makes autofocus six times faster than the iPhone 11. In addition to the benefits of AR content., There are benefits for AR content And, while the three lens system that looks the same as the iPhone 11 Pro, the wide and telephoto cameras have gotten some subtle, improvements.

. Interestingly, the 12 Pro Max has a better camera system than the 12 Pro, with a 47 % larger sensor on the wide camera, along with a faster aperture, which apparently allows for an 87 % improvement in low light.

Performance. Price wise this year's. Pro models are actually starting at the same price as last year's despite the more drastic upgrades. ( clapping ) Wow such value.. It seems like only a matter of time before James Cameron shoots his next film with the new gold iPhone.

[ Riley ], It's, gold. It's gold. And, of course the entire lineup of iPhones is powered by the new A14 Bionic, which has 40 % more transistors than the vanilla A14 that was found in the recently unveiled iPad Air and whose GPU is, according to Apple 50 %, more powerful than any other smartphone's.

, Which they showed off by playing & quot League of Legends & quot, which is good. But hey how about & quot Crysis & quot next time That'd, be cool.. They could probably do it if they dumbed it down. [, Riley ].

I think they could. [ Linus ]. Now none of these iPhones are coming with a power adapter or earphones in the box, which is great-ish because in theory everyone already has both of those things. So like yay.

Protecting the environment., Except for one small problem. Apple, is including a cable that is a Lightning to USB-C charging cord, which is not going to work with the USB type. A wall mount that Apple went and didn't include because they figured you already had it, but then they give you a cable that doesn't work with it.

. So I guess that's, why the 12 Pros price is unchanged'cause. They know they're gonna make an extra 20 bucks from everyone who's, buying either a charger or a cable from the Apple Store. Well-played team Apple.

. Now we haven't even mentioned the HomePod Mini yet, which is too bad because it's actually kind of cool. It's got an interesting internal design that puts the Google Nest Mini's, single upward Firing driver to absolute shame.

And it's. U1 Chip apparently enables some cool intelligent features like automatically pairing in stereo, with another HomePod Mini in the same room, super cool. And Apple's. Also, adding a feature called Intercom, which lets members of a home group send quick messages not only to other HomePods but any Apple device in the group nice.

. The real test of this thing, though, will be whether Siri has come far enough to justify getting one of these instead of a Google Assistant or Alexa-enabled speaker., And my guess is: come on get real ( laughs ) Like let's, not ( mumbles ) Anyway, the one bit of bad news from today is that we didn't, get to see the fabled AirPods Pro Studio headphones or any reference whatsoever to an ARM-powered Mac.

, And it's still unclear whether we'll, See either of those before the end of the year., Which is fine., Because honestly 2020 has been a little crazy. And I think we could all just use a break.. Just like you could use a break from my segues to sponsors like Squarespace.

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